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About us – Ratio International

Our story & our office

Ratio International / About us – Ratio International

Our story – from Accounting Services to Company Formation

Ratio International is an accounting company established in 2006 and built on a base of accounting and international corporate management experience.

The needs of our clients and partners gave us new opportunities and opened the door for new development services – Company Formation.

Since then, we have assisted entrepreneurs on the Company Formation processes around the world through various international company structures (subsidiaries, headquarters, department outsourcing…) and accounting management.

Our professional expertise and our extended partner network allow our clients to reach new steps and levels in their businesses.

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More than 10 years of experience in accounting and international company management operations is the opportunity for our clients to expand their business on the European and/or the Asia markets and to improve their bureaucratic and taxation conditions.

Partner network

Professional Partner network has been built up due to the complexity of business management and company formation services. Our network consists of lawyers, real estate agents, banking partners, telecommunication companies and recruitment agencies.

Knowledge and expertise

Our knowledge and expertise is our highest value; we constantly keep it up to date. Every change in the jurisdictions can impact our clients’ operations. This is the reason why we are proactive.

Departments and competencies

Business research department

Business research department will assist in the first stage by analyzing the case and providing the most efficient solution and advice.

Accounting department

Our accounting department will help you in all areas to better manage your business.

Legal department

Our legal department will answer all of your legal and tax questions, sign contracts and complete all the necessary documents.

Client support department

Client support department with allocate each file a project manager who will assist you through all the stages and actions.

Our offices

Our offices

Our professional teams in Riga are strongly committed.

  • Riga Office:
    58 Bauskas Street LV-1004
    Riga, Latvia
  • +371 256 791 86
  • info@ratio-international.com

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Our team


Managing Director

Managing Director


Director of Riga office

Director of Riga office


Project Manager

Latvia and United Arab Emirates

We are the key to your success

Our outstanding international professional team and our multilingual professionals, comprising accountants, lawyers, bankers, international tax and trade specialists are the effective keys to your success.

Our extensive expertise enables our clients to benefit from a wide range of tailor-made products and services.

Our clients who use our services are highly satisfied and over 70% of our new clients have been referred to us by our existing clients.

Our Offices

Riga Office

Nice office building on the city border – for us and our clients.
Our Riga office is only 10 minutes from city center and in 2 hours reach from Paris (with flight).

Contact us when ready and let us know about your needs.

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