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RATIO – Accounting Services

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Ratio International / RATIO – Accounting Services


  • Accounting transaction processing;
  • Report preparation and submission to the State Revenue Service;
  • Receipt, processing and analysis of the primary documentation as well as document registration and consolidation;
  • Monthly preparation of operational balance sheets and profit/loss statements;
  • Assets accounting;
  • Employee payroll calculation;
  • Up to 4 free hours  a month  of consulting on the current issues of accounting guidance;
  • VAT returns;
  • Annual Report Declaration (Annual accounting).

How will the accounting be managed?

Our yearly experience shows that bookkeeping is the most important and, at the same time, vexatious part of company management for the customers. Therefore, we are working on a process which enables maximum ease regarding the accounting preparations for clients. The process from your side would involve the following steps:

The cost of our accounting services

The cost of our remote accounting services depends on the number of employees of the firm and the amount of monthly processed documents. Such an approach to price-formation is the most transparent for the clients and allows us to forecast precise accounting expenses.

How can I obtain an estimated quote?

Please contact us and send us the following information and we will send you a detailed quotation:

  1. Company’s registration country;
  2. Business sector/field;
  3. Number of employees;
  4. Number of documents processed monthly.

Order accounting services by sending a request.

Submission of an annual statement

The cost of submitting an annual statement, a tax statement and the addenda thereto is equal to the average monthly price of accounting services.

Reporting periods

Depending on the nature of business activities of a specific company, reporting periods may vary from 1 month to a year. For instance, a holding company that has no employees and no VAT number may submit an annual statement and a tax statement just once a year, whereas a trading company purchasing goods in the European Union and exporting those to the CIS countries must submit monthly VAT reports and reports on three different employment taxes.


Ratio provides full audit services for companies in the local jurisdiction. To request audit services, send the details of your company to our team in order to receive a detailed quote.

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